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October 1, 2006

The Mean Season

Iím actually going to give Chris Wallace a bit of a break on the whole Clinton Goes Postal thing. Iím not entirely buying the notion that Clintonís explosion wasnít staged. I suspect Bubba had been waiting for an opportunity to let the fur fly, and the smirking Wallace was looking for an opportunity to let him. I think both men did what they wanted to do, and my intelligence is a bit insulted both by Wallaceís claims of surprise and the Clinton campís phony outrage.

Itís just the mean season. And itís going to get meaner. The GOP seems to be against the ropes (Rep. Mark Foley's stupid, stupid, stupid dirtymail with some pimple-faced page being the latest example), but I believe in the magic of Karl Rove, whom I believe to be a political warlock. This smells like a GOP rope-a-dope, like the balance of the apparently damaging NIE report (or, perhaps an updated NIE report) will be released in the ninth hour, and weíll all feel good about Iraq again, or theyíll announce bin Ladenís capture (of course, my cynicism suspects theyíve had him all along).

The Democrats., being as dumb and clueless as ever, seem to be phoning it in, confident of a November GOP bloodbath. Theyíre more or less letting Clinton lead the charge (which makes a kind of sense since heís their biggest name), but Bubba isnít running for anything. And Rove likely salivates every time Clinton speaks because, every time he does he points out how much less eloquent and effective Hilary is, that Hillary is little more than a shell for Clinton Term 3. sheís the LaToya Jackson (okay, maybe sheís the Janet, but I donít think Janet can sing, either) of the Clinton camp. Worse, I canít name any other prominent Democrats running.

Even worse, the Democrats continue to stagger along without presenting any believable alternative to the Bush Crazyman Doctrine (is it just me, or does Bush seem ever more crazed and desperate every time I see him? He reminds me of Anthony Hopkins in the third act of Nixon). By now, the Dems should have come up with their own version of the GOP Contract With America, a comprehensive and feasible list of reasons we should give them power. It seems like every Democrat is running on the platform of I Am Not A Republican, which, honestly, is good enough for me, but I donít have much confidence things will change much regardless of who wins in November.

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October 2, 2006

Hello Again Again

Once again, Zorro has vanished into the hills.

Sorry about that. Honestly, I never really mean to vanish, but I tend to get caught up in a lot of things that sap every waking hour of the day and, by the time I notice I havenít been blogging for awhile, itís been a very, very long while. Itíll take me a minute t catch up, I need to cruise some of your blogs and see whatís been up while Iíve been gone.

But letís start here: this is a clean install of the latest version of Movable Type. Which, of course, means it likely has bugs in it. Bugs I wonít notice until we actually start using the thing, so feel free to email me with bug reports or problems.

Youíll also notice youíll need to login now. The spam thing had really gotten out of hand and I just give up; fighting it was taking too much energy and the server load was annoying my webhost.

Bear with me over the next little while as I hopefully work the kinks out of this new install and, hopefully, show up here more regularly (yeah, weíve heard that before).

Meanwhileówhatíd I miss?



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