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March 18, 2008

Don't Go Away Mad

What's odd: halfway thru, I thought it was a home run.

Then he kept talking. And it got... I dunno... A little "speechy." I mean, for the most part it was friendly and personal enough that I didnít take it for a political speech.

Then it became a political speech and I think the wheels came off the wagon. Maybe it's just me, but I think we'd all do better if we knew when to quit. 20 minutes into that thing and he had it all locked up. 37 minutes in and I'm scratching my head, wishing he hadn't started advertising himself. Oh, and the swing at Hillary/Ferraro was a mistake. He shouldnít have even mentioned them. They should have been seriously irrelevant.


The amusing thing, as I saw elsewhere, was that the video you embed was on a page with an Oreo ad right below it.

http://arian1.livejournal.com/295210.html has the screencap. :)

Isaac Lawrence:

Yeah, I felt he should have left the "Ashley" story out.

Otherwise... pow.

What he needs to do now though I think is get off of race. And I think he will -- I believe he's going to give a couple of foreign policy speeches over the next two days.

The primary is pretty much a lock, I think, but if he does stay on race, that's... not good. No, like James Carville, "It's the economy, stupid." The issues are what matter in the end.

To be President, Barack Obama needs to be Barack Obama, not Martin Luther King.

Hopefully he realizes that. (I'm pretty sure he does.)

Christopher Currie:

and on a vaguely related note, the Affirmative Action ban in Michigan was upheld by the State Court:


Sorry, but he had me cold at the "Ashley" moment when I read the text with my own eyes. He took a while, which happens when you cover a lot of ground as speeches used to do in the days Before Sound Bites.

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing on the web this weekend.


Yeah, I think he went on a bit too long with it. But that was better than not going on long enough.


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