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May 15, 2008

Barrack & John

Just for the record—and I say this with an unbroken record of heterosexuality—those are two great-looking guys. Edwards probably needs to be tougher, more of an attack dog, to be a viable veep candidate, but I do believe he provides much-needed ballast for Obama. Just standing next to him, suddenly Obama looked, like, 200% more credible and substantial.

He helps Obama in the south, he helps with the “hard-working white people.” He helps with the experience gap—he has at least as much experience as Hillary, right?

And, honestly, those two standing there really DO look like real change in Washington politics. There’s a certain excitement there, something Obama won’t get from Hillary-as-running mate (a terrible idea as she brings nothing to the table Obama doesn’t already have, plus she brings baggage he doesn’t need and she galvanizes the Republicans—especially those who dislike McCain intensely).

A Hillary nod would, at this point, utterly destroy the Democrats’ chances in November—which may be the point of her campaign at this point. In that view, Edwards may be the Anti-Hillary, insomuch as his support, while once perhaps having been considered negligible, now has potency and power Edwards himself never managed to coalesce. Just showing up last night, he virtually shoved Hilary off the news. A move worthy of Josh Lymon.

Oh, sorry to be gone (again!). I will, hopefully, be back in the saddle next week.


May 21, 2008

Now, Where Were We...?

Sorry about that.

Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, Hillary-As-Veep. I wonder, in a normal primary, would WVA or KY even get noticed at *all*? I mean, Oregon?

I was watching Rod Lurie’s fabulous THE CONTENDER, realizing how irrelevant this primary season has made that film.



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