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October 2, 2006

Hello Again Again

Once again, Zorro has vanished into the hills.

Sorry about that. Honestly, I never really mean to vanish, but I tend to get caught up in a lot of things that sap every waking hour of the day and, by the time I notice I haven’t been blogging for awhile, it’s been a very, very long while. It’ll take me a minute t catch up, I need to cruise some of your blogs and see what’s been up while I’ve been gone.

But let’s start here: this is a clean install of the latest version of Movable Type. Which, of course, means it likely has bugs in it. Bugs I won’t notice until we actually start using the thing, so feel free to email me with bug reports or problems.

You’ll also notice you’ll need to login now. The spam thing had really gotten out of hand and I just give up; fighting it was taking too much energy and the server load was annoying my webhost.

Bear with me over the next little while as I hopefully work the kinks out of this new install and, hopefully, show up here more regularly (yeah, we’ve heard that before).

Meanwhile—what’d I miss?

March 9, 2008

The Official Website

Once again—sorry to be gone so long. I never *intend* to vanish, I just become really distracted by a lot of other things. Then, when I look up, it’s four months later and my house is a mess. As many of you know, there’s been some mention of the faux—“Dime Store” novel I wrote for the new Platinum series GUNPLAY. It was a lot of fun todo, but it’s hardly a “comeback” to comics. First of all, my part of it wasn’t a comic book—it was a novella, or perhaps a long short story. The writer of GUNPLAY is the fantastic newcomer Jorge Vega who, for reasons I’ll never quite understand, seems to be fairly happy to have me all but mock his fine work in my dime novel (the dime novel is a funhuse mirror version of the comic book story).

But, the gig did lead to an interview on ComicBookResources.Com, and a lot of speculation that Priest was returning to comics. Which he is and isn’t. Things are eing discussed, some things are comic-related, some are not. Announcing these things is dicey until deals are firmed up and release dates set. I doubt you’ll see much more from me in 2008, but I anticipate several projects either 4Q ’08 or 1Q ’09.

But, since GUNPLAY has my phones ringing al of a sudden, it’s probably a good idea to make this site a going concern again. I’m imosed some hateful frames and iFrames to compensate for the unmanageable spectrum of monitor resolutions currently available. I mean, when I built this site, monitor resolutions were 640x480 and 800x600. I designed it for the latter, thinking, my, how progressive I am. I moved to 1024x768 only reluctantly, shaking my fist at Bill Gates or whoever wouldn’t leave well enough alone.

But, now it’s all a crap-shoot. What with so many people buying “widescreen” monitors, and the resolutions on those monitors being all over the place. I’m constantly amazed at how utterly wrongheaded the “widescreen” thinking is. Computers scroll up and down. A TALLscreen monitor might actually be useful to someone, but a widescreen monitor accomplishes nothing. People think they get to “see more” on their screen, but then go and open their explorer and app windows full width—covering everything and rendering moot the whole point of a “wide” monitor.

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