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March 11, 2008

May Day

May 2009? I thought Star Trek was a Christmas '08 release?

Wonder if this is good news or bad...



Most likely, bad. There hasn't been nearly enough buzz for this flick. Which is too bad. This is probably the movie they should have made in 1994 instead of Generations.

I'm reading around the net and they're spinning it that they're delaying the flick because it's so *good.*


I want to believe it. I really want to believe that there's an actual quality Trek movie out. I know you didn't care for First Contact, but that was really the last movie I could actually WATCH.

I liked *half* of FC. The Ronald D. Moore half, which, I presume, took place on the spaceship.

I believe my Trek rant here (see pulldown menu below right) is about NEMESIS, a movie so awful I actually started re-writing it for fun.

Could be good, could be bad. Might be neither. Late spring to mid-summer is when the boxoffice does the most buisness, so it's possible it's just a buisness decision. They think they'll get more money in May then around Christmas.

I'm not sure of what my thoughts on the movie as a whole are. The teaser trailer looked really cool. But I can't help but feel that maybe they should have waited another year or two. Give the franchise a chance to cool off while people rebuild their nostalgia for it. Nemesis was released a little more then 5 years ago and it still haunts me some.

By the way Priest, speaking of Moore, have you checked out his updated Battlestar Galactica? If you liked his Trek stuff, you might want to give BSG a look.

I watched the pilot three times and fell asleep three times. I have not seen the series since I'm enjoying the first anniversary of Priest's Cable Revolt (after they realized basic cable over $50, I told my cable company to shove it).

I'm planning to buy the box sets when I can catch them either on sale or used at a good price.

Re: Nemesis: anybody else put the thing on occasionally because, well, it's what we got? I watch it occasionally, hoping somehow it'll be better this time.

I remember all the hype around it post-production, about how the film was being helmed by *real* Star Trek fans. Star Trek fans who, apparently, know nothing about the Romulans (the film's weakest point: the Romulans were simply WRONG).

And, breaking the rules is bad. The entire point of fantasy and science-fiction are the rules: you can't fire while cloaked, must lower shields to transport, etc. The fun of reading that stuff, of watching those movies, or of writing it is to solve conflicts without breaking the rules.

Nemesis threw all of that out-- and STILL made a lousy picture.

Isaac Lawrence:

I think it's a mistake. And that's only because the Christmas Day opening day just *felt* better to me for a Star Trek opening. I mean, they would have had Christmas, New Years, and a few weeks after that pretty much all to themselves. Now, with a May date, I dunno... Star Trek just isn't Star Wars.

And on Star Wars, there's the official word from Paramount:

"'Star Trek' is in fantastic shape," said Paramount spokesman Michael Vollman. "This is all about box-office potential. Summer is where you see the 'Star Wars' and the 'Spider-Mans' and the 'Shreks' and the 'Transformers.' 'Star Trek' is in that league."

Some how I don't think it quite works when you have to say that you're this or that.

And that also ties into a lot of questions I see surrounding the movie. Mainly, can they attract a mainstream audience? Will non-Trekkies go and see it?

I look it at as: Well, if you have to ask...

I'm a Star Wars a fan and so I'm looking forward to the Clone Wars animated series and the live action TV series. And I doubt I'll see it, but I hope Star Trek does well, J.J. Abrams seems like a good guy.

Attracting non-Trekkers is definitely what the film is abut. But, I tend to agree with you: moving the film is a roll of the ice. It sends up a stink of suspicion when, as you point out, Trek would OWN the holiday season, being up against nothing.

In May they're going up against major hitters. There's less money on the table to begin with, so I figure there's more potential in the winter.

And, once a boss starts running around saying, "Oh, there's nothing wrong with the film," that's when everybody begins to assume there is.


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