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October 22, 2008

Obama Night Live

The new rumor is Obama may go on SNL Nov. 1. If they have any sense of humor at all, they'd have Obama come on and administer CPR to the moose.


Hmm and I'll be out of town that weekend and possibly not have access to a tv. Oh well, at least highlights will be available.


Fonzie has something to say about the moose. Him, Opie and Andy are voting for.....



Wasssssup!!!! (LOL)



22 October 2008 12:14 AM, PDT | From wenn.com | See recent WENN news

24 star Dennis Haysbert has been voted Favourite On-Screen President for his portrayal of President David Palmer in the hit action series.

The TV star beat off stiff competition from Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen in Commander in Chief and Martin Sheen's West Wing character, President Josiah Bartlet, to take the title with 17 per cent - just one per cent more than Davis and Sheen, who came joint second in the Blockbuster poll.

Harrison Ford took 12 per cent for his role as President James Marshall in 1997's Air Force One, landing him in joint fourth place with Bill Pullman's President Thomas J. Whitmore from 1996's Independence Day.

I write about comics and video games. Right now, I'm working on a review of the new Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game. In it, Wolverine and Spidey duke it out, because Logan thinks he's fighting an impostor. To ascertain if this is really Peter Parker, Wolvie asks questions about their shared history, one of which references Spider-Man vs. Wolverine. This comes in the same week as a political blogger at the Atlantic gives you props in the comment thread of one of his really excellent posts: http://ta-nehisicoates.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/10/the_negro_donald_draper.php

There's some discussion of your comics work in the thread. Now, the reason I bring all this up isn't to play to our ego. Ta-Nehisi makes a big point in trumpeting how comics and other forms of supposedly disposable pop culture really ignited his love of language. I've got much the same story: I learned about humanism from Denny O'Neil's work and learned not to be ashamed of my aspirational idealism from Dwayne McDuffie's work with Icon and Deathlok. That one line you gave Luke Cage in PM/IF about his "angry black guy" routine not phasing another character (think it was Tyrone King) pointed legions of adolescent boys like me ways of thinking about the multifariousness of black identity. I remember a View from the 27th Floor column about the art of sequencing an album (think it was a MJ or Prince release) that made me want to become a cultural critic.

I'm not a stalker or a fanboy. I know that you don't want to talk about this stuff any more, probably for reasons that are personal and valid. But, fans like me enjoy your work and want more of it because you've inspired a generation of writers, because your way of weaving Big Question themes into stories that are still solidly entertaining fills a pretty big void.

So, in those moments when you ask yourself what was it all for, or what your legacy might be, just know that Ta-Nehisi wrote an amazingly lyrical memoir that where he revisits a coming-of-age that you helped enrich. Know that I have a career that you helped inspire. And I could probably name dozens of other writers who can call out your work (and that of your peers) as the spark that lit their flame. So, check your e-mail more often. And, know that, more than anything else, all this rambling is really me saying thank you.

Well, no Obama. Just some McCain on QVC.

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Not bad... Not bad.


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