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November 1, 2008

Palin's Anatomy

Is it possible a President McCain will finish his term without suffering serious illness? Of course. But the statistics of his type of skin cancer suggest otherwise. It is extremely likely a President McCain will, at the very least, be forced to undergo grueling and debilitating treatment at some point during his first term. Palin continues to refuse to release her own medical records, the only of the four major candidates to do so. Her refusal fuels ongoing speculation that baby Trig is, in fact, Palin's grandson and that Palin's daughter is pregnant for the second time, rumors a release of Palin's medical records would immediately put to rest. A young, vibrant woman of 44, the only reason we can immediately suspect for her to refuse to disclose her medical records is the fake pregnancy. This is how politically un-smart this woman is, to either try and hide something the pubic will inevitably discover or, even worse, to fuel public doubt simply by being an onion. This is not a person I'd want sitting across a conference table from Vladimir Putin.



This is not a person I'd want sitting across a conference table from Vladimir Putin.

Oh tosh! She'd do just fine! She's has tons of experience in that already by sitting across the Bering Strait from him, you betcha!


The biggest problem with the "Bristol is Trig's mother" theory is that a woman in her forties is far more likely to give birth to a child with Down syndrome than a girl in her teens.


This subject is exhaustively reviewed on the website:

Many believe that Bristol's absence from HS for five months during a key period in the pregnancy, coupled with Palin's insistence on returning to a small community hospital by flying for 8 hours while in labor, suggest that Trig is Bristol's son.

Photos of Bristol holding the baby suggest a maternal, not sisterly, devotion.

Check it out.

According to Orac of Respectful Insolence (who is a cancer surgeon), if McCain's melanoma hasn't recurred in the eight years since his facial surgery, it's not particularly likely to recur.

(He's still more likely to get other melanomas than people who haven't had melanomas, but you wouldn't bet the mortgage money on McCain having another outbreak.)


@ Thad

Thank you for exposing the flaws in the "Bristol is Trig's mother" myth. That story keeps popping up like zombies in a George Romero flick.

Shifting gears, these great commentaries below remind us what we voters should consider when voting for politicians.

*Tomorrow We Vote:


*Principles of Choosing a Leader:



It's a moot point now, at least until 2012. :)

Joe A.:

A fake pregnancy seems a bit far-fetched to me, but I guess nothing would really shock me. I simply imagined that her reticence might indicate a possibly life-threatening condition (eg., in-remission breast cancer) which would dissuade a public already concerned with McCain's questionable vitality.

Fake pregnancy, moms covering for their daughters, is a time honored tradition, especially back in the woods. I'm still not convinced: I think Trig is Bristol's kid. I think Sarah Palin is an enormous liar, and the nation really dodged a bullet. You betcha.


Sometimes I forget how much you love All My Children. Did you see today's ep? With "Aggie" in it?

My DD was home sick today so I got to see it.


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